Split with Ansïa 7"

by BooM

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7" disponible

BooM are:
Myriam : Vokills
Daweed : Guitartillery & Vokills
Hervé : DBlast
Martox : Big Muff

Rec/Mix by Michol @t Void Bdx

Thanx to labels who help us for this records!!!

And to all the friends who help/support us!!!
Cheers to all from the South Westside Boozers Crew!
Refuse to grow up!

Art by BTP Tattoo
Fuckin" france tour with Mandanga!(Punx Bcn!)
mercredi 26 avril : St Etienne @t Entre Pots
jeudi 27 avril : Clermont Ferrand @t Raymond Bar
vendredi 28 avril : Vichy @t Lokara
samedi 29 avril : Lyon
dimanche 30 avril : St Amant Roche Savine
lundi 1 mai : Ferme de Mauriac

6 mai - with Herida Profunda @t CSO Kan Kolmo Girona

Tour with Charogne Stone, Pétrifié
19 mai - Dunkerque @t le Kalvaire
20 mai - Lille @t CCL
21 mai - Bruxelles @t Barlok
22 mai - Need help between Bruxelles/Berlin
23 mai - Berlin @t Köpi
24 mai - Need help between Berlin/Tubingen
25 mai - Tubingen @t Epplehaus
26 mai - Bâle @t Bar Off
27 mai - Winterthur @t GGS31



released December 6, 2016




BooM Toulouse, France

Contact: satanarchie@outlook.fr

Logo: Pierre de Palmas

Photo: Liza Yxe

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Track Name: Taste of Regrets
(Halabja Cover)

No future
When you see
This fucking

Look around
Just nonsense
And more lies

This is the end of carefree times
The coming of a dark era
Hopeless walk to an awful
And ominous future

How to build a world together
Why can't we respect each other
The time has come to pay the bild
What we'll leave is what we have killed

Taste of regrets ! If mankind had
Become aware of the nonsense
Of its running at the edge
Of the global tragedy
Track Name: Archive
A quoi bon chercher
Les affres du néant ravageur ?
A quoi bon plonger
Dans des abîmes destructeurs

A geindre sur soi-même
Prostré dans l'inertie

D'âmes perdues
Dans les cieux
Moroses et cendreux

D'une aurore
Par de lourds
Regards vides et vitreux

Et le néant
Pour présent

Et les cieux
Gris cendreux
Et l'aurore
Et la mort
Track Name: One Thing the Hardcore Reminded Me Is to Think by Myself
Conventions destroy your life
To survive, take out your knife
One life
One life
Life's a strike

Forget all the things they say
You'd better choose your own way
Your way
Your way
Leave this shit
Far away

Live your own way
Track Name: Little Crust Against the Capitalist Method of Production
Performances, i hate your scheming society
Lead time, costs, it forgets we're alive !

Competitiveness, i hate your scheming society
Added values, costs, it forgets we're alive !